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General Terms and Conditions for

1. Hire period

Previously, we generally follow periods when renting: Monday-Friday, Friday-Saturday and Sunday-Sunday, or by appointment. Because of the new Norwegian regulations, we must now ask customers to contact us for longer rental periods or long term rental agreements, for the different apartments we have for rent. 

2. Hire charge and payment can send confirmation/invoice immediately after a booking is made. Otherwise booking can be made after agreement with the landlord.

Payment can be made by cash or with credit card at the reception in Bergelandsgaten 35, 4012 Stavanger.

Absence of payment on due date gives the full right to cancel the hire agreement, without warning. In such a case our cancellation conditions come into effect.


3. Hirerıs cancellation of agreement

Should the hirer wish to cancel a stay in advance of arrival, this is fully possible. The hirer must inform at the earliest opportunity in writing, by telefax or e-mail, giving the hire agreementıs reference number. calculate the following cancellation fee:
If cancellation of stay occurs less than 14 days before arrival, a cancellation fee of 50% is made.
If cancellation is made on scheduled day of arrival the agreed invoice charge, for a maximum of three days, applies.

3.1 Transfer of hire agreement to a third party
Should the hirer wish to transfer the contract for the agreed time and price to a third party, it is the hirer's responsibility to inform at the earliest opportunity in writing, by telefax or e-mail, giving the hire agreement's reference number and details of the person taking over the hire agreement.

3.2 Changes to the original hire agreement
The hirer can if so desired, make changes to the existing agreement, if this is possible, within 14 days of the start of stay.

4. Illness

It is fully possible for the hirer to cancel the stay because of illness. In which case, a Doctor's certificate must be sent immediately to The same applies in the case of death, or accident. The hirer must inform at the earliest opportunity in writing, by telefax or e-mail, giving the hire agreementıs reference number.
If cancellation insurance has been taken out, the full hire sum, minus the cost of the cancellation insurance (NOK 350,-) will be refunded. If no cancellation insurance has been taken out, the cancellation terms listed under point 3 apply.


5. The holiday home

5.1 Keys
Keys can be collected at the appointed place after 15,00 on the day of arrival and returned at the latest by 11.00 on the day of departure, or as agreed with the establishment. Please see information in the Confirmation.

5.2 Heating, telephone, electricity etc.
Unless otherwise stipulated in the description of the hire unit, there will be no extra cost for heating or electricity. This does not apply to the use of the telephone, pay-TV, or other costs incurred which cannot be regarded as items covered naturally by the hire cost (hire of a boat, skis etc.)

6. Deposit

At some accommodation a deposit is demanded on receipt of the keys to the holiday home. The size of the deposit varies according to the holiday home's value. This sum is regarded as security for the return of a properly cleaned unit, as well as possible payment for additional services supplied during the stay.


7. Items the hirer is responsible for bringing

Where otherwise not stipulated in the description of the holiday home, the following items must be brought by the hirer; bedclothes, towels etc.

8. Final cleaning

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the unit is properly cleaned and tidied before departure. Cleaning is included when the rent is under one month. There will be a charge of 500 NOK for cleaning for rent periodes over one month.


9. Damage

Should damage occur to the holiday home, the inventory, or to any other item(s) included in the hire cost, this must be reported within 48 hours at the latest, to the receptionist at Bergelandsgaten 35, or by phone 51 89 48 00 or by writing. If the damage has been caused by the hirer or anyone in the hirer's party, the hirer is responsible directly to the establishment, or a representative of the establishment, for replacement before departure at the end of the hire period.


10. Complaints

10.1 The hirer is responsible for reporting immediately any defects or deficiencies with the hire unit to the receptionist of the establishment, or at the latest within 48 hours of discovery of the fault, or when the fault should have been discovered.
By defects or deficiencies is meant that the hire unit does not meet the specifications of the description, the formal requirements of the Law, or that the technical equipment does not function satisfactorily (coffee percolator, warm water, dishwasher etc.).

10.2 The hirer must make immediate contact with a representative of the establishment, and at the latest within 2 hours of checking in, if the unit does not comply with the description in the hire agreement. After this deadline it is understood that the hirer has accepted the holiday home as it stands.

11. Changes reserve the right to change the above-mentioned terms and conditions without warning.

12. Contact information

Stavanger Apartments .
Bergelandsgaten 35
N - 4012 Stavanger

Telephone: + 47 51 89 48 00

Fax : (+47) 51 89 50 55

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